PICAnauts Swim For Art
21 February 2015

PICAnauts Swim For Art

Rottnest Channel Swim 2015 | 21 February, 2015

The PICAnauts undertook their maiden voyage to Rotto in 2014. Being the only group representing an art organisation, this original and fearless quartet of art professionals swam in the name of art and raised over $5000 for West Australian artists. With a massive facebook following, this surprise entry shocked the nation with their fast and furious fundraising efforts – and the fact they made it to the island alive, and in time!
This year the stakes and art factor are higher as PICA’s legendary Director Amy Barrett-Lennard joins the squad alongside Rotto Channel Swim alumni Curator Leigh Robb, Exhibitions Manager Nadia Johnson and Communications Manager Renae Coles and leads an all female team. Styling it up – local artist luminary Tarryn Gill is designing the swimsuits in collaboration with designer Ingrid Zurzolo. The PICAnauts will show once again that sport and culture can come together, this year fuelled by girl power!
The PICAnauts are an example of team-building at it’s best! Captained by PICA’s Production Manager Andrew Beck (aka ‘Hammerhead’); kept on course by kayakers Melissa McGrath (PICA Education Assistant) & Phoebe Tran (PICA Gallery Attendant); and trained by PICA Install technician and surfer David Brophy. The boat is skippered once again by ‘Nerves of Steel’ Nick Rawlins and generously lent by John Corser, both PICA philanthropists and lovers of the high sea, high risk and high art!

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