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Remy Faint

Remy Faint

My practice is motivated by the desire to expand languages of painterly and scultptural abstraction by examining its global histories. The works I make are often modular and respond creatively to their architectural settings.

While often working with diverse painting substrates, I am interested in referencing objects and materials specific to my Chinese heritage. For example, the form of the folding screen is cited as both a spatial tool and transcultural motif in various installation works. The earliest instances of folding screens existed in the Han dynasty in ancient China, later iterated throughout Asia and Europe as an ornamental and artistic object. While I often reinstate the screen’s historical function as a barrier, divider or structural device, this cultural referencing coexists with diverse application of materials and mediums.

For my residency at PICA, the ability to reposition my practice geographically – from the east to the west coast of Australia – establishes a unique framework to investigate new ideas surrounding site-specificity within my practice.

The context of Perth’s location (being geographically closer to Asia [Indonesia, 3,000km] than to Sydney [3,300km]) is a compelling and creative way to think about my work in relation to the site of PICA. The colonial heritage building with its history as an educational institution (now a forward-thinking arts organisation), acts as an engaging site to explore junctions between painting narratives of East and West.

About the Artist

Remy Faint is an emerging artist based in Sydney (Gadigal). By referencing objects specific to his chinese heritage Faint explores global histories of abstraction to create paintings, sculptures and installations. This coincides with physical acts of assembling, repurposing and combining both conventional and diverse materials in his studio.

Faint has exhibited widely in Sydney and is included in the upcoming national graduate exhibition Hatched, at Perth Institute of Contemporary Art (PICA). He has also been a finalist in the Jenny Birt Painting Prize, Kudos Emerging Artist Award and has recently graduated with first class Honours from UNSW Art and Design. Faint is one of the Hatched 2022: Artists’ in Residence at PICA.

Remy is a recipient of the Schenberg Art High Commendation Recipient for his work Between traces, Beyond Screens featured in Hatched: National Graduate Show 2022.

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Image: Remy Faint, Between Traces, Beyond Screens, 2021, modular screens, silk, paint, resin and wood off-cuts. Photo supplied by artist.