Richard Giblett
17 August - 24 September 2006

Richard Giblett

New Dystopias | 17 August - 24 September

Melbourne based artist, Richard Giblett returns to Perth with a solo show of new and recent works previously unseen on this side of the country. Like a Hieronymus Bosch meets Fritz Lang vision of hell, Giblett’s 2D and 3D works bring to the surface what lies unseen in the murky depths beneath us. The expansive tableaux Subcity (while you were sleeping) (2005) presents the viewer with a vision of both utopian and dystopian potential, while System (2005-06) is a complex axonometric projection of structures, conduits, tubes and holes suspended on a fragile latticeork structure. A new photographic work Raw Nerve – 66 Manhattan Holes (2006) consolidates the artist’s ongoing research into the culture of congestion, and the phenomenon of looking at structured, built environments from an elevated vantage point. While System and Subcity share aesthetic and formal similarities, they are the agents of two distinct urban strategies. While System seems to float, disassociated from context and gradually expanding to fill space, Subcity asserts its presence as an imposing, immovable mass. For Giblett, both of these dystopias are recognisable forms, anchored in the present.

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