Richard Lewer
31 October - 20 December 2009

Richard Lewer

Inbetween | 31 October - 20 December

Inbetween is an exploration of the supernatural by Melbourne-based artist Richard Lewer. The work derives three ‘case studies’ from collected and stories of encounters with ghosts and paranormal activity.

Lewer’s hand-drawn pencil animations play on the supernatural as a metaphoric device in movies, plays and books, and comes replete with howling winds, clattering horse hooves and spooky sounds.

Inbetween is a dark and playful investigation into representations of the unexplainable. Focusing on the darker side of human behaviour, place and social identity, Richard Lewer’s work also records subjective encounters with family, sport, religious and criminal subjects, leading to insightful and often absurd narrative reflections on ethics and mortality.

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