Sacha Barker (WA)
Resident Artists/
18 June - 29 July 2018

Sacha Barker (WA)

Artist in Residence | 18 June - 29 July

Sacha Barker’s art practice seeks to extend understandings of traditional art media. Her handmade textile works and installations use humble materials to explore concepts of narrative, personal history and socio-cultural meanings. Barker’s slow, laboured practice exists in direct contrast with expanding forms of digital production and consumption, her attention to detail amplifying connections between ‘the maker’ and ‘the made’.
During her residency Sacha will explore the potential for participation and the performative aspects of her practice through her ongoing project Thingship.
Thingship is an intricate, compartmentalised cardboard vessel; a craft for transporting small handheld objects across time and space. Objects are concealed in the ships compartments and studio visitors are invited to exchange their own things with the Thingship.
This studio residency has been supported by Hatched Major Exhibition Partner Minderoo.

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