Leitī by Sione Tuívailala  Monū
30 July - 10 October 2021

Leitī by Sione Tuívailala Monū

30 July - 10 October

Leitī is a series of short films by Sione Tuívailala Monū where they present a personal encounter with everyday dilemmas and social realities to explore identity, family and Pasifika queer experience in the diaspora. Featuring themself and their surroundings and often cast with their friends and family, Monu’s films slide between performative and documentary modes to recall a variety of genres, from home movies and video diaries to satires and soaps.
Monu’s short films are an extension of their video-based Instagram practice. Filmed and edited on an iPhone, their temporal distortions and montages of impressions, memories and fantasies reflect the influence and impact of social media on everyday life.

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