some kind of intermission
20 November 2010

some kind of intermission

20 November

Exploring the rhythms of oral story telling, misunderstood cultural theory and spoken pop as prose poetry, this site-specific performance is a three-person modulating monologue inside cult record store 78 records. some kind of intermission: live in store! is a one-off theatrical record-store performance: a nine monologue set of pop minimalist, post-Cixous, post-The Navy Lark vocal riffing. some kind of intermission: live in-store! will be performed by actors Ingle Knight and David Fussell and writer/curator Robert Cook.

The project pursues a poetic analysis of associations around the American oral story-telling tradition as an exercise in theatrical (and human) self-sufficiency. It uses the form of the monologue itself to explore, through content and form, the coming together and the pulling apart of story and object, of speaker and audience, of the theatrical present and the fictive tides of past and future tenses…and selves. some kind of intermission: live in-store! looks at the function of ‘spoken word’ as an ‘object event’ as much as a signifier within an inherently (wound and unwound) associative network. The content of the work will riff off a blend of concrete observation, intuited historical exegesis, misunderstood cultural theory, self- and faux-self-revelation, and pop song tropes as they emerge from pop minimalism (of the punk and post punk varieties).

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