StickMan / miniStickMan
20 October 2018

StickMan / miniStickMan

Stelarc | 20 October 2018

StickMan / miniStickMan is an interactive installation created by HyperPrometheus artist Stelarc. It uses an algorithm to operate a full-body robotic exoskeleton (‘StickMan’).
Insert your own looping choreography by moving the limbs of the miniature robot (‘miniStickMan’) and pressing the play button, to see ‘StickMan’ come to life.
The physicality of the performance is flattened and modulated by the projected shadow of ‘StickMan’ on the wall, and with live video feedback.
Stelarc will be attached to ‘StickMan’ for a five hour durational performance on Saturday 20 October, as well as from 7-8pm on Friday 19 October during the HyperPrometheus exhibition opening.
Sound Design: Petros Vouris
Engineering: Tim Jewell
Interface Programming: Steve Berrick
Audio Engineer: Alwyn Nixon-Lloyd
Project Coordination & Video: Steven Aaron Hughes

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