Tanya Schultz | Days in Space
Resident Artists/
12 October - 20 December 2009

Tanya Schultz | Days in Space

Artist in Residence | 12 October - 20 December

Days in Space During the residency Schultz will work directly on the studio walls with paint, pencil, found images, adhesive vinyl, stickers, and other ephemera to explore ideas of desire, abundance and fleeting pleasure. Over the duration of this time Schultz’s studio will fill with a myriad of images, patterns and fragments to create a place where disparate things are connected and new imaginary worlds are fashioned. Featuring images and incongruent details cut from junkmail catalogues, children’s encyclopedias, photographs and magazines, her installation will suggest almost endless imaginary trails and dreamscapes and will allude to her utopian dreams. Tanya Schultz’s work is playfully constructed allowing it to grow and mutate like a hyper-coloured virus. As literally thousands of meticulously detailed fragments are attached to the wall, clusters and constellations of coloured images and patterns will shape an attempt to re-imagine the world.

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