The How: A Forum for Emerging Artists
14 May 2022
PICA Performance Space


The How: A Forum for Emerging Artists

To coincide with the opening of Hatched: National Graduate Show 2022, this panel discussion brings together a group of highly commended artists and creative practitioners, each with an array of unique insights and experiences of forging and sustaining a creative practice. In present times of economic, political and social upheaval, with a federal election fast approaching, the artists and creative practitioners featured will discuss their approaches to sustainable practice, including what this has meant for their careers so far and practical advice for emerging artists seeking to sustain a career in the arts. Some first-hand knowledge you don’t want to miss!

Each panelist will give an overview of their recent experiences as a practicing artist. Topics discussed will include accessing funding sources, navigating freelance and project-based employment, developing and presenting work as part of international and national arts festivals, and negotiating work-life balance. This insightful forum aims to provide an understanding of what sustainable arts practice might look like, both now and into the future.

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