The Talk
18 - 25 January 2019

The Talk

Mish Grigor | 18 - 25 January

Presented by PICA as part of FRINGE WORLD 2019
“Funny, toe-curlingly frank, and immensely insightful” Lyn Gardner, The Guardian (UK).

My brother came out after an episode of ‘The L Word’.
As the credits closed on Carmen going down on a leggy blonde in a nightclub, he said, “I’m like that. I do that.”
My mother and I looked at each other, confused.
“Cunnilingis?” I offered, and laughed.
“No!” He said, standing up and rolling up his blanket. “Gay. I do gay. I’m gay. I do gay sex.”
The Talk is a terribly undomesticated evening. It’s a relatable, emotional and funny account of what happens when you start talking about sex with your family: what ‘the talk’ is, and what it shouldn’t be.
A hilarious live twist on the family dinner, audiences are invited to become the artist’s family and re-enact real conversations about sex, sexuality and love. What follows is an awkward, intimate and explicit conversation laying bare the taboos of sex, relationships and family dynamics. The Talk is participatory theatre at its most tender, unapologetic and best. Bring your mum.

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