The Tent
02 - 10 September 2010

The Tent

2 - 5 September

Hand built by the artists out of scrap metal and old oil-stained canvas, The Tent sits at the crossroads of installation art, puppetry, video and performance. Led by Michael, an audience of 25 is invited to step inside the story of an unlikely male friendship. Brett, a modern day bush philosopher, finds Michael stuck in a hole, still in his pyjamas, in the middle of the bush. Brett takes the twenty-something city kid under his wing and they live together in his tent until their friendship falters over what to do with a lost cow.
Created by a young group of Sydney based theatre makers, led by Matt Prest, The Tent is a unique theatrical experience, a strange journey to the muddy crossroads of self-sufficiency and prolonged adolescence. The Tent sets up camp in PICA’s main gallery. Come in, get warm, Brett should be back soon.

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