WA Composers Project Concerts
05 - 06 July 2013

WA Composers Project Concerts

Decibel | 5 - 6 July

As a part of their residency at PICA with The Western Australian Composers Project Decibel present two concluding concerts. The concerts will feature all Western Australian world music premieres from a diverse range of composers such as Stuart James, Christopher Tonkin, Rachael Dease, Sam Gillies, Johannes Luebbers, Henry Anderson, Cat Hope and Lindsay Vickery.

Decibel works with music that combines electronic and acoustic instruments. They also work with new ways of writing and reading music scores, using graphic notation and real-time score generation in many of the works. Decibel feature Cat Hope (director, flutes, bass), Lindsay Vickery (reeds, electronics), Stuart James (keyboard, percussion, electronics), Tristen Parr (cello) and Aaron Wyatt (viola, violin).

During the residency, some rehearsals will be open to the public, sharing the processes involved in creating new music works.

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