Working in Synergy: Collaborative fusion of the visual and sonic
18 July 2022
PICA Performance Space

9:30 am - 4:30 pm

Working in Synergy: Collaborative fusion of the visual and sonic

Workshop that explores the collaboration between film and sound artists

Join animation and visual media artist Sal Cooper and composer and sound designer Kate Neal for a day long workshop exploring the collaboration between vision and sound as part of their While You Sleep National Tour.

While You Sleep is an aural and visual excursion into the musical fugue and psychological ‘fugue state’ performers spin across the stage on wheeled chairs as they interact with immersive visuals. Hand-drawn animation, live-action, video and stop-motion play out as pianist Jacob Abela, violinists Isabel Hede and Zachary Johnston, violist Phoebe Green and cellist David Moran perform 50 minutes of memorised music, bereft of stands and sheet music, while in choreographed motion.

With a partnership spanning over 14 years, this workshop facilitated by Kate and Sal will incorporate conversation, discussion and considerations from the group that look at various modes and methodologies, starting points and content building.

This workshop will also provide the opportunity to create a new short work in pairs using phone camera, laptops, software and the set of While You Sleep, including the scrim, set projectors, paper screen, audio speakers, toy piano and keyboard.

This will result in a private presentation of short works made by the group. This workshop is free to attend and numbers are limited. Please submit an EOI to be considered.

Watch Sal and Kate’s While You Sleep Interview
Visit Sal and Kate’s website Flight Risk

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