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Yinga Chen (Taipei)

Yinga Chen (Taipei)

Yinga Chen is a Taiwanese artist who navigates the space between reality and virtuality in order to question the essence of selfhood. During his PICA residency, Chen will explore the concept of death in the context of a digital world.

Using virtual reality, blockchain and AI technology, Chen considers the legacies left behind, both online and IRL, to invite new perspectives on the evolving nature of death in the digital age. Chen’s project will examine physical objects of mourning, and online repositories of digital footprints.

Chen explores the intersections of reality and virtuality, traditional culture and future technology, and the realms of craft art and artificial intelligence. Living in an era saturated with fake news and short videos, he repeatedly questions the essence of self, human civilization and the cosmos. His artworks serve as a reflection of this ongoing process of speculative inquiry. 

This residency will form a new commission as part of BLEED (Biennial Live Event in the Everyday Digital), a biennale project exploring how the online makes us feel. BLEED is a collaboration between PICA, Arts House (Melbourne) and Campbelltown Arts Centre (Sydney). 

About the Artist

Yinga Chen graduated from the Department of Textiles and Clothing at Fu Jen Catholic University in 2016. In 2022 he founded CHILLGA, a brand focused on experimenting with different materials, forms, techniques and human connections, embracing the concept of upcycling to challenge the infinite potential of objects. In 2023 his work was exhibited at the RE:AND Art and Design Fair in Taipei, Taiwan.


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