Quarry Music

Ross Bolleter & Anthony Cormican | 26 October, 7:30pm

A celebration of ruined piano to evoke a vanished realm.

After 1945, West Subiaco was the site of a vast quarry where US forces discarded their jeeps and armoured cars at the end of WWII. In time, the quarry became a rubbish dump. Quarry Music evokes a past buried beneath manicured school ovals and raises community awareness concerning the forgotten scavengers, deadly detritus, and kids at risk. In this 5.1 surround sound and live ruined piano performance, the artist will re-create the old dump and its military decay, all now buried, using ruined pianos to convey the spirit of the dump.

This will be renowned Perth composer/performer Ross Bolleter’s final public performance.

  • Presented with Tura New Music as part of the 13th Totally Huge New Music Festival

    Composed, performed and written by
    Ross Bolleter

    Artist Talk
    PICA Performance Space
    Free – bookings not required

  • Date & Times

    Thursday 26 October, 2017

  • Tickets

    Standard: $32
    Members: $26
    Concession & Groups (6+): $22

  • Bookings

    info@pica.org.au | 9228 6300
    or in person at PICA reception

  • Duration

    70 minutes

  • Location

    PICA Performance Space