26 - 29 October 2017


Lz Dunn & Collaborators | 26 - 29 October


How does it feel to move, to explore, to belong? Aeon lands a portable speaker in your palm and tranquil bushland at your feet to explore where the social and natural worlds collide.

Informed by flocking studies and queer ecology, Aeon is activated by silence, sound, civic responsibility and personal desire. A playful push through public space and private discomfort, this subtle yet powerful performance creates a temporary community that awakens the imagination and asks us to consider a new relationship to nature and each other.
Co-created by a team of multidisciplinary artists and set to a mesmeric soundscape by composer Lawrence English, Aeon is a deeply personal and communal experience.
“A special moment, something that feels revelatory, expansive and mystic.”
Got questions about the show? Check out the FAQ.

Presented with Tura New Music as part of the 13th Totally Huge New Music Festival

Creative Team
Concept & Artistic Lead Lz Dunn
Sound Design Lawrence English
Choreography Shian Law
Dramaturgy Lara Thoms
Production Manager Liz Young
Produced by Performing Lines

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