PICA's FRINGE WORLD 2020 Program
17 January - 16 February 2020

PICA's FRINGE WORLD 2020 Program

17 January - 7 February

Each year as part of FRINGE WORLD, PICA presents a bespoke program for the adventurous. In 2020, PICA welcomes 4 Western Australian artists with 4 brand new works across a colourful spectrum ranging from the gentle to the outrageous.
Opening up its doors as a place for artists, audiences and communities, PICA will celebrate forms of CARE, CONFESSION and COMMUNITY as it transforms into a queer party, a therapeutic workshop, a night club, and a live lipstick apothecary.

  • Hear non-binary stories of confession at Daley King’s Lipstuck.
  • Strut into feminist truth-telling at Jacinta Larcombe’s Slutdrop.

In each work, artists invite audiences to take a personal journey that has been carefully crafted with them in mind to share stories, knowledge and experiences. Under a safe and inclusive banner, PICA welcomes freedom of expression as these artists explore identity and multiplicities of gender and sexuality.
Wrapped as a love letter to ourselves, each other and our communities, don’t miss out on these 4 personal journeys at PICA this Fringe season.

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