News - 13th of December 2017

Burrbgaja Yalirra – Triple Bill


From the creators of Gudirr Gudirr, Cut the Sky and Burning Daylight, Burrbgaja Yalirra (Dancing Forwards) is an evocative triple bill of new solo works exploring reciprocity and our […]

From the creators of Gudirr GudirrCut the Sky and Burning Daylight, Burrbgaja Yalirra (Dancing Forwards) is an evocative triple bill of new solo works exploring reciprocity and our sense of belonging in Australia today. Learn more here.

Burrbgaja Yalirra consists of three short works, outlined below, presented by Marrugeku.



Ngarlimbah (You are as much a part of me as I am of you) is by Walmajarri/Nyikina painter and poet, Edwin Lee Mulligan, in collaboration with Sohan Ariel Hayes (Boorna Waanginy). Ngarlimbah is the essence of reciprocity between human, spirit and environmental realms. In an expressive fusing of spoken word and animated video, Edwin shares his dream encounters with two dingoes, the calm Yungngora and the dark dog Jirrilbil, who speak to contemporary concerns in his community.

Creative team
Concept, paintings, poems and performer: 
Edwin Lee Mulligan
Dalisa Pigram and Rachael Swain
Vision direction and animation: 
Sohan Ariel Hayes


Dancing with Strangers

In collaboration with Koen Augustijnen (Belgium), co-choreographer of the award winning Gudirr Gudirr, dancer and violinist Eric Avery imagines where we might be now if music and dance had been made between two cultures at the time of first colonial contact. A custodian of songs and dances from his father’s line, Eric belongs to the Yuin, Ngiyampaa Wangaaypuwan and Gumbangirri peoples and takes inspiration from the story of his great-great-grandfather, Jack Biamanga (Yuin), who saw the First Fleet sail past his mother’s country (Monaroo region of NSW).

Creative team
Concept, co-choreographer, dancer and musician: Eric Avery
Director and co-choreographer: Koen Augustijnen
Composers: Eric Avery and Sam Serruys



Tackling the iconic text Picnic at Hanging Rock, and its nal (initially unpublished) chapter, dancer/performer Miranda Wheen visits the fate of her ctional namesake ‘Miranda’, who seemingly disappeared in the Australian landscape. Choreographed with Serge Aimé Coulibaly (Burkina Faso/Belgium), co- choreographer of Burning Daylight and Cut the Sky, Miri explores the position of settler Australians grappling with understanding Indigenous Australian experience, and of a white Australia struggling for a moral, intellectual and spiritual position to deal with its history.

Creative team
Concept, co-choreographer and dancer: Miranda Wheen
Director and co-choreographer: Serge Aimé Couliblay
Composer: Sam Serruys


Preview $20
Standard $32
Member $26
Concession & Groups +6 $22
Schools $15 – school groups can book by contacting PICA’s Reception on 9228 6300.

Online bookings through PICA. Booking enquiries on the day of the show should be made directly to PICA’s Reception on 9228 6300.

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