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News - 22nd of September 2020

Meet Hatched 2020 artist: Olivia Davies

Meet Hatched 2020 artist: Olivia Davies

My name is Olivia Davies. I live and work in Naarm Melbourne. My practice encompasses sculpture, photography and installation and examines the complexities of the fashion industry, looking at the relationship between body and object.

What activity makes you feel like your best self?
I feel my best self making within a creative environment. Although the activity may be classified as making I really bounce off the energy of others and feel at best when I am making and also surrounded by the amazing creative people in my life.

Describe the most captivating artwork you’ve ever seen.
I saw a Ryoji Ikeda exhibition in New York in 2011. I remember lying on the ground and being immersed in this digital light, sound video piece. I’d never experienced interactive installation art like that before and I found it so captivating. At the time I was really interested in art but wasn’t studying it and this show opened me up to different ideas and ways of experiencing work.

Olivia Davies, ‘Discarded Vulnerability’, 2019, installation view. Hatched: National Graduate Show 2020, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA). Photograph: Bo Wong


What does Hatched 2020: National Graduate Show mean to you?
I feel really lucky to be part of Hatched 2020 and to show work alongside graduates all over Australia. I also feel incredibly honoured to have work shown at PICA. It’s been a unique experience being part of Hatched during these times and I honestly have found it really helpful feeling connected to this show and the community at PICA whilst being in lockdown.

What are you most looking forward to in the coming months?
I am most looking forward to completing my honours year. It hasn’t started the way anyone expected and has proven quite challenging through these covid times. I think it will be really interesting to see the work that comes out of it and is on show for the end of 2020. I am also really looking forward to a more normal time where we can move and travel around with a lot more freedom.










Image: Olivia Davies, Handling Steel, 2020, mild bright steel, handlebars. Hatched: National Graduate Show 2020, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA). Photograph: Bo Wong