A Circle of Buzzards
23 January - 21 February 2015

A Circle of Buzzards

SUMMER NIGHTS | 16 - 21 February

A nightcap or a nightmare?
From the nightmarish imagination of award-winning playwright Nathaniel Moncrieff (Sleepyhead, Tinkertown) comes this thriller set in the eerie locale of Bélmez, Spain. Two Australians strike up a conversation in a seedy bar – one is an alcoholic, the other a tourist. As a storm rolls in over the mountain, the conversation takes a dark turn, and before long it becomes apparent what has really brought these two men together. But what does it have to do with the body and the buzzards in the California desert?
A Circle of Buzzards marks the second production from The Comedians following the Performing Arts WA Award-nominated and Blue Room Theatre Award-winning season of Tinkertown in 2012. Directed by acclaimed Perth renegade Joe Lui (The Book Of Death, The Tribe, Letters From Home), A Circle of Buzzards will be a disturbing and timely meditation on wealth, exploitation and greed.

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