28 July 2018


Aphids | 5.15pm, 28 July 2018


A funeral for obsolete technology

Artefact commemorates the mysterious phenomenon of brand disappearance from Blackberry, to Nokia to Atari. It is a tribute to the immortal consumer icons we have internationally adored, and the intimate and fickle ways we worship them.
Originally commissioned for the International Prize for Live Art, the performance and film was created by Willoh S. Weiland and JR Brennan over six months with the community of Kuopio, Finland. It stars some of its best loved choirs, death metal singers, funeral directors and stone masons. Part documentation and part video clip, Artefact farewells the products that have formed us.
For this live screening in Perth, audience members will be able to participate in an interactive SMS performance accompanying the film via their mobile phones.
Aphids will also be presenting Howl, a live art parade celebrating controversial moments in art history at PICA on 27 & 28 July.

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