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Always was, always will be.

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Double Bill – Beast #3 & No-One will tell us…

Double Bill - Beast #3 & No-One will tell us...

Beast #3
Jo Pollitt & Paea Leach (AUS)
World Premiere

Beast #3 is the third rendering of an original score created in 2012 as a ‘side by side song cycle of movement’. It is driven by a particular physicality shared by Pollitt and Leach emboldened by a perpetual duet of long distance correspondence. The original Quiet Beast was a duet created and performed in collaboration with writer Marcella Polain and musician Mace Francis, presented at Venn Gallery in Perth 2012. The 2nd incarnation Amplified Beast was performed by 30 WAAPA undergraduates and guests in 2013. This 3rd version Beast #3 both develops and responds to the original score in an intimate continuum offset by the poetic banality of real life, song cycles, and the physicality of words rendered by dancers as writers. Deeply informed by the rigorous exchange between the dancers and the dance, the work is a paradox of simultaneously building and collapsing structures to reveal attention, mark interruption and amplify potential.

35 mins

No-One will tell us
Rosalind Crisp (AUS/FRANCE)
WA Premiere

No-one will tell us… thrusts four performing artists into an immediate encounter. These are long-term collaborators, fully engaged in their individual artistic practices: dance artist Rosalind Crisp, rock musician Hansueli Tischhauser, performance improvisor Andrew Morrish and lighting designer Marco Wehrspann. What happens when their practices collide? What is ripped apart? What remains? How do they co-exist?

55 mins