16 - 27 February 2016


pvi collective | 16 - 27 February

Perth’s own tactical media art renegades, pvi collective, have created with blackmarket a participatory site-specific work that takes place on the streets of our city at night.

Part roaming artwork, part real-life video game, blackmarket invites you into a dark underworld of unlicensed street selling and entrepreneurial trading.
In the fictional world of pvi’s urban role-playing game, the global financial crisis has arrived and you are forced to fight for survival as a ‘hustler’ within a black market economy. Exposed to an underground economic structure where goods and services are available but cash has no value, you must trade your possessions in return for survival skills and services.
From psychological coping mechanisms to physical training, urban survival skills to weaponising garbage, pvi’s blackmarket is highly immersive, instruction based and perversely fun.

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