Brendan van Hek | City Building
Resident Artists/
10 July - 03 September 2006

Brendan van Hek | City Building

Artist in Residence | 10 July - 3 Sep

City Building uses Brendan Van Hek’s research on the history and events that have shaped and formed Perth to devise possibilities for the way the city might have been if events had taken a different course. By re-arranging and altering the information collected, van Hek produces fictitious outcomes that question and offer possibilities for the way we look at cities. These are the forms the city could have taken if, for one reason or another, it had not become what we see today. In every age someone, looking at Fedora as it was, imagined a way of making it the ideal city, but while he constructed his miniature model, Fedora was already no longer the same as before… (I.Calvino, Invisible Cities, 1997)

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