Chrissie Parrott
Resident Artists/
04 - 22 April 2016

Chrissie Parrott

TRANsAction #1 Creative Development | 4 - 22 April 2016

TRANsAction #1 is the first phase of an interdisciplinary project by an elite team of Perth based collaborators. During their three week residency at PICA the team will use a unique approach to testing ideas and methods of enquiry to coax out three new theatre scripts. After an initial choreographic development with four performers, three writers will be invited to respond to a dynamic onslaught of dance vocabulary by writing three new scripts to be performed as readings during the development.
The project marks a shift in Chrissie Parrott’s directorial practice where text and storytelling are given preference over a traditional choreographic focus on aesthetics, movement vocabulary and physical perfection. Future developments will focus specifically on set design and music composition.

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