Collaborations Showing: Jo Lloyd & Anny Mokotow
22 November 2018

Collaborations Showing: Jo Lloyd & Anny Mokotow

Thurs 22nd Nov | 6:30 - 7:30pm

Sharing the belief that dramaturgy is a practice inherent in the processes of production and stimulated by the dancer as much as the choreographer, Jo Lloyd and Anny Mokotow impart methodologies developed from Lloyd’s recent choreographic interrogations.

In Lloyd’s work Confusion for Three, hypnotic tension is generated by three dancers as they negotiate a progressively unraveling system of choreography. Utilising this work as a process/performance model, participants will engage with clear choreographic parameters, enabling them to investigate/negotiate their physical and conceptual dramaturgical choices.

This workshop will conclude with a performance, presenting a new iteration of ‘Confusion’, unique to the participants and the context.

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