The Communication Series #1
04 August 2018

The Communication Series #1

Saturday 4 August | 1pm - 2.30pm

From August to October, PICA will be transformed with two new solo exhibitions.
Our Central Gallery will house A Self Potrait by Khaled Sabsabi. This is his most significant exhibition in Australia to date and is informed by Sufi spirituality, his own experience of moving between communities and geopolitical factors. Since the late 1980s Sabsabi has been working with communities to promote cultural awareness and acceptance through the exploration of place, identity, displacement and marginalisation.
Upstairs, the Westend Gallery will showcase Amalia Pica’s first solo exhibition in Australia, please open hurry, with new and recent works exploring the techniques, potential and shortcomings of communication. In 2014 Pica observed the lives and single tool use of chimpanzees in a Gashaka Primate Project artistic residency in Nigeria and her love and understanding of communication with and between the Great Apes continued to grow. please open hurry reveals the artist’s longstanding interest in language, comprehension, misunderstanding and translation.
On Saturday 4 August, you are invited to join us to hear from Khaled Sabsabi and view a performance inspired by Amalia Pica’s work, Catalogue of great ape gestures (in alphabetical order).


Edge of ELsewhere, Campbelltown Arts Centre, Sydney Festival 2012
1pm 2-pm
In Conversation with Khaled Sabsabi
Central Gallery

Hear PICA’s Senior Curator, Eugenio Viola in conversation with Khaled Sabsabi.
Eugenio will chat with Khaled about his artistic practice and his exhibition A Self Portrait.


Amalia Pica, Yerkish, 2018. Photo by Louis Lim2pm – 2.30pm

Catalogue of great ape gestures (in alphabetical order)
Westend Gallery
Watch a special choreographed dance work in response to, and inspired by, Amalia Pica’s work, Catalogue of great ape gestures (in alphabetical order).

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