Complete Burning Away
06 November - 19 December 2010

Complete Burning Away

Natascha Stellmach | 6 November - 19 December

In 2008, Galerie WAGNER + PARTNER in Berlin exhibited Natascha Stellmach’s project, Set me free, a complex exploration of the myth of immortality, based around a Joint containing the alleged ashes of Kurt Cobain. In her solo show which opened on November 5, 2010, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts exhibited the full development of this long-running and controversial project where Stellmach has created new videos, text and installation works that interrogate and reflect upon the intense public and mass media response in response to the smoking of the ashes of Nirvana’s infamous lead singer.
Publications for sale as part of Complete Burning Away
– Limited edition postcards: $2.50 each or $10 for the pack of 5. (Only 100 printed)
– Book specials during exhibition period only: The Book of Back: $40, It Is Black In Here: $30
– Both books special: $50
All items available for sale from PICA reception.

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