Confluence - The Sound Collectors
Resident Artists/
07 - 18 July 2014

Confluence – The Sound Collectors

Creative Development: Louise Devenish & Leah Scholes | 7 - 18 July, 2014

Presented by PICA in association with Tura New Music as part of the 2014 Scale Variable Series.

The Sound Collectors are comprised of Louise Devenish and Leah Scholes, two talented percussionists and and innovators in Australian new music.

Taking up residency at PICA in July, they will explore the very question of what percussion is. Developing new works with local composers Lachlan Skipworth, Elise Reitze and John Pax, as well as Rick Burkhardt’s percussion theatre work Simulcast, The Sound Collectors will challenge perceptions of what percussion performance can be through the exploration of quiet percussive sounds, breath and gesture.

Their residency will culminate in the premiere concert Confluence, an intimate and sensory experience for audiences to discover the infinite possibility of sound.

The Sound Collectors are Louise Devenish (WA) and Leah Scholes (VIC). Their collective backgrounds in contemporary percussion, percussion theatre and graphic score realisation are combined in a process of collecting, discovering, exploring, interpreting and sharing new and diverse music for two percussionists. The Sound Collectors have a special interest in Australian music and realising new works with flexible instrumentation that allow the voices of performers and composers to be heard in performance.

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