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Ros Warby

Double-Bill: Ros Warby Solos

Double-Bill: Ros Warby Solos

Court Dance
Choreography and Performance: Ros Warby (AUS)
Court Dance is Warby’s new solo currently in development. Underlying this work is a consideration of our relationship to hierarchy and its impact on our systems through its constant presence, however subtle. Within the work Warby attempts to eliminate hierarchy within individual movement and performance vocabularies in order to expand these vocabularies to include what has not yet been imagined.
The development of this solo has been supported by UCLA World Arts and Cultures / Dance.

No Time to Fly
Choreography: Deborah Hay (USA)
Adaptation and Performance: Ros Warby (AUS)
No Time to Fly is choreographed to provide clear and comprehensive instances of non-linear reality for the performer and audience alike. The dancer is practicing a continuity of discontinuity within her unique experience of the choreography, thus engaging the depth of her dancing. The dancer’s choice to perform much of the choreographed material that determines No Time To Fly requires catastrophic acts of perception as she dis-attaches from a multitude of former behaviour.” (Deborah Hay)
Ros Warby is one of Australia’s leading dancer/choreographers. She has been creating and performing solo dance since 1990 and her award winning work has been presented in Australia, Europe and the USA. Warby began working with Deborah Hay in 1998. Her instant alignment with Hay’s performance practice was clear from the beginning and it has continued to inform and expand Warby’s ongoing solo practice with rigor and question, constantly stripping away any attachment to what is known or expected within the realms of what dance can be.