Electronic Concerto
24 October 2017

Electronic Concerto

Decibel Ensemble | 24 October, 7:30pm

The ‘concerto’ is one of the most familiar of classical music forms – a virtuosic solo performer in front of the orchestra. Decibel present a series of newly commissioned works composed for ensemble and electronic soloist, reworking the concept to put the spotlight on electronic instruments, with the ensemble taking on the role of the orchestra. The works feature soloists performing on instruments such as a digital Trautonium, laptop, Theremin, mobile phones, tactile electronics, bass guitar, electric harp and a pile of speakers.
Featuring world premieres by composers Catherine Ashley (WA), Pedro Alvarez (WA), Cat Hope (VIC), Stuart James (WA), Jos Mulder (WA), Mark Olivero (NSW), Dan Thorpe (SA), Christopher Tonkin (WA) and Meg Travers (WA).
“Adventurous, inquisitive, challenging. Decibel honour and sabotage modernist traditions.” – Cool Perth Nights

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