Emma Horvát & Ómra Caoimhe (WA)
Resident Artists/
04 February - 19 April 2020

Emma Horvát & Ómra Caoimhe (WA)

February - April

Since 2016 Emma Horvát and Ómra Caoimhe have worked with concepts of time, archetypal history and relational experience. Collaboratively and individually, the artists deconstruct and re- contextualise objects and photographic material. A poignant part of Horvát and Caoimhe’s work departs from both artists’ singular dynamic relationships with trauma and care. Together the artist’s conceptualise their individual and collective stories of identity into a social and contemporary dialogue.



Ómra Caoimhe, b. 1997, Worcestershire. United Kingdom, is a visual artist with a Bachelor of Contemporary Arts from Edith Cowan University, currently working on Wadjuk Noongar boodja (Perth, WA). Through making cloth surfaces with fleece and silk, hand-spinning and carding; and working with the deconstruction and de-contextualisation of miscellaneous and sentimental wooden objects, Caoimhe has likened particular dynamics of materials to a metaphorical synthesis of time and process, as being a principle for becoming. Caoimhe’s intention is to create a discourse germane to the dynamism of material intervention, through acts of making and evoking meaning with ones hand and tool.
Working visually with memoir in photography, Emma Horvát makes images with traditional means while also making images in space through sculpture. Using objects, their associations and ambiguity created through process and abstraction, Horvát seeks to push the boundaries of practice within photography.
Horvát completed an Associate Degree at North Metropolitan TAFE in 2017 and attained their Batchelor of Contemporary Arts in visual art at Edith Cowan University in 2018.


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