Emma Lashmar (WA)
Resident Artists/
05 September - 22 October 2017

Emma Lashmar (WA)

Artist in Residence | 5 September - 22 October

Emma Lashmar works primarily with the medium of molten glass, crafting blown transparent objects and combining multiples into scenarios with other media, including sounds, lighting and mechanical systems, to produce room-sized immersive sculptural installations.

While at PICA Emma will use felt bring to life a theatrical dreamscape depiction of an actual location etched in her memory. This immersive installation will consist of a cavernous subterranean garden of columns, formed of dark felted fleece, coiled from the ceiling down to your belly. Here, a glass orb holds water and you glimpse plant life illuminated inside. Lights flicker and dim as you approach, regarding your proximity warily.

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