12 May 2020


Tuesday 12 May | 1pm - 4pm

FLOCK is a monthly forum for Perth (and now WA!) independent and freelance artists of all genres and career stages. FLOCK is now online and experimenting and evolving their style of virtual connection via practice lead workshops & rigorous facilitated conversation.

// WORKSHOP // 1pm to 2.30pm
Collaboratively presented by Janet Carter and Patrick Gunasekera.Janet and Patrick will work with participants to critically and creatively unpack how we each experience life in the COVID-19 pandemic differently by investigating the spaces within which we are isolating ourselves, primarily our homes. Join into a playful intervention to deconstruct the physical, cultural and ideological frameworks that define such rooms, and the social architecture of rooms within the arts in general. The workshop will be pre-recorded and a password-protected Youtube link will be sent to participants prior to the event so you have the option of doing it when it suits you.
// CONVERSATION // 2.30pm to 4pm
Conversation led by Alex Desebrock.
“Arts organisations & artists working together”.
Let’s take a moment to think specifically and usefully about what, as artists, we’d benefit from arts organisations like PICA to do to “help”. What would you do if you were in PICA’s shoes?

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