Fractal Shale
01 December 2012

Fractal Shale

Robin Fox & Kynan Tan | 1 December

A full-colour spectrum of synchronised light and sound.

Live, dual projection, audio-visual performances from the Australian master of combining sound and image, Robin Fox, and his mentee, emerging artist Kynan Tan.
Robin Fox presents new works for synchronators – articulating the movement and dynamism of his computer audio wizardry in full colour across multiple screens.
Well-known for his 3-dimensional laser shows, Robin’s work with synchronators diverts the sound into multiple video sources and blasts the audience with a full colour
spectrum of synchronised light and sound.
Kynan Tan performs his new work multiplicity, exploring tiered levels of interaction between the sonic and visual, presented in the form of stunning computer generated sound and imagery, manipulated brain data and complex data visualisations. An experiential demonstration of thoughts, ideas and data, the unseen converted into a sensory expression of an inexpressible quality. A true spectacle for the senses.
Part of Tura New Music’s 25th celebrations.

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