26 August - 03 September 2011


Strut Dance | 26 August - 3 September, 7:30PM

Love can give you the chance to change almost any facet of yourself in order to fit the needs of the object of your desire. But if your love is reciprocal, shouldn’t they also change for you? Will this create positive perpetual motion, or a destructive vicious circle? Can those within the relationship tell which of these paths they are on?

Produced by STRUT Dance, Fuse is a full-length dance work based on the interrelationship between two people; through the cycle from strangers, to friends, towards cohorts, through dependents and on to parasites. Fuse is a portrait of the sometimes explosive consequences of the manipulation of self.

Director Jonathon Buckels on the show: “The effects of human interaction fascinate me. Not only how we relate to other people, yet more how we relate to ourselves before, during and after interaction. There are masks we are forced to wear and vows to ourselves that we are coerced to bend each time we redefine ourselves due to the presence of other people.”

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