Happy Little Accidents
24 November 2014

Happy Little Accidents

MoveMe Improvisation Festival | 25 November, 2014

If nothing ever goes as planned then surely it is better to not have a plan in the first place. Accidents are the things you don’t plan to happen, the moments when the universe pulls the rug out from under you and expects you to fall. But when the fall turns into a stumble and the stumble into a step and the step turns into a wander down an unexpected and exciting path, then that is a happy little accident.
Embracing the unknown, the endless possibilities and the empty stage, Happy Little Accidents is a show about saying yes to what life throws at you whether it be love, lemons or llamas. Using the long form improvisation techniques of Viola Spolin, Del Close and Keith Johnstone, Happy Little Accidents sees three actors collide with verbal dexterity, theatrical spontaneity and unfettered joy to create an original one hour theatre performance unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

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