Image & Word: Story Telling Workshop
14 July 2015

Image & Word: Story Telling Workshop

14 July

Artist Anna Dunnill will lead a series of workshops exploring a variety of creative outcomes drawing from personal narratives. Participants will work across disciplines, exploring visual and written outcomes from creative writing, sculpture, textiles and collage.

Taking notes from the many forms of narrative representation on show in PICA Salon: Epic Narratives, this workshop asks participants to consider and articulate their own stories. Participants will respond to prompts using different processes and materials, investigating a variety of means to commemorate significant occasions, and create monuments for the small things in life.

About the artist:

Anna Dunnill is an artist and one half of collaborative duo Snapcat. In both her solo and collaborative practices, she uses a variety of forms (including writing drawing, painting, sculpture, video and performance) to build narratives about survival, communication and bravery. Later in 2015 Anna will be undertaking a residency at PICA.

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