An Illustrated Lecture with Justin Shoulder
08 December 2018

An Illustrated Lecture with Justin Shoulder

Saturday 8 December

Justin Shoulder is an artist working in performance, sculpture, video and nightlife/community events production. His main body of work Phasmahammer is an ecology of alter personas based on queered ancestral myth. These creatures are embodied through hand crafted costumes and prosthesis and animated by their own gestural languages. Shoulder uses his body and craft to forge connections between queer, migrant, spiritual and intercultural experiences.
He is a founding member of queer artist collective The Glitter Militia and Club Ate, a gang of Asia-pacific sissies.  Justin Shoulder is part of HyperPrometheus at PICA and will be performing Carrion: Episode I at Connections Nightclub on 7 – 8 December.
To learn more about Justin Shoulder’s practice, you are invited to attend an intimate Illustrated Lecture.

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