Last Rounds
23 January - 21 February 2015

Last Rounds

SUMMER NIGHTS | 10 - 21 February

Love. Music. Whiskey.
It’s 2am. The final bell for last orders has been rung. The (Hopeless) Modern Romantic sits at the dirty bar, whiskey in hand, watching the door for him. She’s just a girl sitting in a bar waiting for a boy…
Last Rounds is a sexy comedy about love, whiskey and music, all from South Africa. It features the very gorgeous Rebecca Makin-Taylor, written and directed by Tara Notcutt. Tara has presented work at Fringe World since 2012, including …miskien (2012), The Three Little Pigs (2013), Illusive (2014), and is also here with Devilish and Undermined (2015).

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