Liang Luscombe
Resident Artists/
17 January - 03 April 2011

Liang Luscombe

Artist in Residence | 17 January - 3 April

During Liang Luscombe’s residency at PICA she plans to make larger painting assemblages that slot into one another, allowing varied and complex assemblage. The film stills will be used as source material; abstracted through collage, then painted. The installation will connect with the fragmented, short, sharp editing narrative that occurs in film. Each board painting will be similar to a film cut and it is through the group of panels that a narrative is formed. The use of imagery will further the atmosphere of nihilistic humour permeating this work. This work will be a reflection of current global concerns; however, Liang hopes to bring a dark and humorous twist to these ideas.
This project allows interaction between subject matter and materials to manifest in oblique ways; both the disaster film and Liang’s choice of materials are products/ symptoms of over-consumption and high capitalism. This project will open up her work to a humorous yet critical language – a direction she has taken in the recent Showwuff Bags project. This residency will also enable Liang Luscombe to investigate spatial interactions similar to the work of Helen Johnston, Jessica Stockholder and Nathan Gray.

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