Materials & Tecniques Series: Paper
06 July - 06 August 2006

Materials & Tecniques Series: Paper

6 July - 6 August

Following on from the success of 2005’s Drawn Out, which focused on extending popular understandings of drawing in a contemporary context, the second exhibition in this series focuses on the material and techniques of paper. This exhibition brings together artists from across Australia who work with paper in ways that are innovative, exciting and engaging. From origami folding robots, paper forms living on rocks, newspaper competitions and book sculptures, the exhibition presents paper in ways never seen before.It is this paradoxical sensitivity to paper as a material, the artists’ awareness of the objecthood of paper at exactly that point in time when paper is about to become unnecessary, that is one of the concerns of this exhibition. To the artists it seems that paper represents a ‘transparent’ media, a material that is not in itself rich with associations.

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