Moses Tan
Resident Artists/
26 June - 20 August 2023
Studio 2

Moses Tan

Asia Pacific Exchange

2023 represents the first three-year residency exchange program between PICA and residency partners, Taipei Artist Village (Taiwan) and Grey Projects (Singapore). In this program, Western Australian artists are invited to apply for an eight-week artist residency with our international partners. Awarded to two artists yearly, the residency will include studio visits, open studios and other presentation opportunities in each hosting country. In exchange, PICA will host an artist from Taiwan and Singapore recommended to us by our residency partners. The exchange enables artists from Western Australia, Taiwan and Singapore to expand their networks, form connections and develop and pursue their practices with close engagement to local art communities and institutions. 

About the Residency

‘An emergent genre of feminist, queer, and ecologically oriented speculative fiction will embrace the plant as a model of a becoming that fully disengages from the patriarchal family…’. [1]

During his residency at PICA, Moses will be exploring the idea of patriarchal disengagement through botany & speculative fiction. He will develop a series of ‘speculative sculptures’ whilst studying native plants from the WA region. Moses will also be also surveying the local artist-run communities and frameworks that create safe spaces within them.

Join us on Thursday 10 August for Moses Tan’s open studio.

Supported by PICA’s Art Ambassadors and North Metropolitan Tafe. 

1 Text from: Meeker, N. (2020). The Inorganic Plant in the Romantic Garden. In Radical Botany: Plants and speculative fiction. essay, Fordham University Press. 

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