Objects. Food. Room | Thomas Rentmeister
23 June - 12 August 2012

Objects. Food. Room | Thomas Rentmeister

23 June - 12 August, 2012

Thomas Rentmeister is a leading German artist whose fascination with everyday materials and the ideas associated with minimalism, surrealism and pop art has lead to the development of a very distinctive sculptural, installation and painting practice.

In this exhibition, the artist’s first major solo show in Australia, we see bulging, car-like sculptures, a wall-size monochrome painting made of nutella and a vast, white landscape of sugar, cotton wool, polystyrene and linen from which a tower of fridges emerge.

Thomas Rentmeister has been producing these types of works, once dubbed “dirty minimalism” for over twenty-five years and has exhibited widely in museums and galleries across Europe.

He piles, models, builds, paints and casts with materials as diverse as potato chips, sugar, nutella, hotel laundry, tissue boxes, tampons, nappy rash cream and old refrigerators, often playing a profound and witty game that questions the nature of art. He raises the question of what is real and what is not, regularly transforming the everyday into the sublime and showing us the beauty of materials we normally ignore.

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