Phaedra's Love
11 - 22 April 2007

Phaedra's Love

Corazon de Vaca | 11 - 22 April

Phaedra’s Love is a breath-taking exploration of what it means to be human. Beneath all the horror and beauty of Sarah Kane’s words lies the human condition in all its extremes, with themes that resonate powerfully today, in a world driven by extremism. Among contemporary playwrights, Sarah Kane is a giant. Singled-out as the most controversial playwright of her generation, she confronts the apathy and ironic indifference of our post-modern world. Kane offers a vision in which violence, pain, sex, joy and love are raw materials, exposed to the spectator in the same way a surgeon exposes the internal organs. Kane appeals to the dark, emotional side of the human condition, a re-connection with beautiful brutality that has to be explored. This is a Greek tragedy. And it is terribly, horribly funny.

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