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Always was, always will be.

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Quick Response Residency

Quick Response Residency

Central to Mossy Jade’s artistic practice is the practice of world-building. Her performance and painting practices serve as both an act of resistance and a celebration of identity, representing not only her own but also the experiences of other transgender individuals.  

During her residency at PICA Mossy Jade will delve into physical research and experimentation to deepen the integration of her painting practice with physical performance. She will develop a body of painting work while simultaneously documenting the process. These documentation recordings will act as research material for informing larger physical performance pieces in the future and performance footage for installation or exhibition. 

About the Artists

Mossy Jade / Mossy 333 is an emerging multi-disciplinary artist working in performance, painting, sculpture and installation. Across these mediums, Mossy employs abstraction to explore her relationship with her body and her experiences navigating space as a transgender woman. Through her work, she strives to amplify the collective voice of transgender individuals, envisioning a future marked by understanding, acceptance and rights for the trans community. Mossy has performed and exhibited locally and nationally in solo and group projects at Arts Centre (VIC), Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (VIC), MPavilion (VIC), RMIT Design Hub (VIC), Art Gallery of New South Wales (NSW), Art Gallery of Western Australia (WA), and PICA (WA). 


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