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Always was, always will be.

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Nina Raper

Quick Response Residency

Quick Response Residency

Nina Raper will use their residency at PICA to create a series of video performance pieces dissecting the nuanced role of the gallery attendant. They will investigate the multifaceted nature of this role from four distinct perspectives: the institution, the public, the artist and the perspective of the individual performing the invigilation. 

Drawing on their real-world experience working as a gallery attendant at PICA, Nina intends to transfer this research and experiences into a series of performance pieces, delving into the existential question they often contemplate when working: “What is my purpose here?” 

About the Artists

Nina Raper is a multidisciplinary artist based in Boorloo (Perth). They completed their Bachelor of Fine Arts at Curtin University in 2021 and a minor in photography in 2022. In 2023, they took part in joint residencies at Midland Junction Arts Centre and Fremantle Arts Centre with Elizabeth Knuckey. In 2024 they had solo exhibitions at Pig Melon, Moores Building, ECU (Gallery 25) and Rockingham Arts Centre. They also participated in the Studio Criticism program by the School of Critical Arts. 

Nina’s artistic practice spans textiles, video, sculpture, print and performance art. Their practice typically explores the nuanced nature of femininity through whimsical, playful compositions inspired by popular culture and art history. In the past their work has delved into personal trauma and highlights the influence of patriarchal culture. They use art as a method of research to probe ideas they find complex.  


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