RECKLESS ACTS | Jumping the Shark Fantastic
01 - 04 February 2017

RECKLESS ACTS | Jumping the Shark Fantastic

Malcolm Whittaker | 1 - 4 February

What would be the BEST theatre show ever?

Artist Malcolm Whittaker wants to ask you, the people of Perth, exactly that. Jumping the Shark Fantastic uses hands-on community research to create an anthology of taste in a splendid and ambitious theatrical extravaganza.
During a residency at PICA, artist Malcolm Whittaker takes to the streets of Perth to investigate exactly what this city thinks constitutes the ‘best theatre show ever’. The result is sure to be a set of conflicting and preposterous longings for individuals’ idyllic desires, which transcend the laws of time and space and financial limitation.
The goal is then to develop the best show ever and present to the people of Perth exactly what they want from the theatre. Can it be achieved? Come along to this exuberant and cheeky spectacle to find out.
Help Malcolm create the best theatre show ever for Perth!

Do you enjoy going to the theatre? Do you find it a place of wondrous possibilities and glorious storytelling? Or maybe you find it a tedious waiting room for death, only good as a relatively dark and quiet place to take a nap?
Malcolm Whittaker wants to make a show that would simultaneously satisfy every member of the Perth community, and he means everyone.
What do you want to see on your local stage? Help Malcolm make this show happen for RECKLESS ACTS!

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