Sarah Nelson
Resident Artists/
28 August - 14 September 2023
Studio 2 & Performance Space

Sarah Nelson

Into the Fog

This residency supports the creative development of Into the Fog – a physically charged multidisciplinary performance integrating illusion, unconventional masks, puppetry and interactive design.

Evolving the every day into the hyperreal, the development explores the creation of a distinct movement and visual language to share a visceral and surrealist expression of an internal and private world.

Inspired by Nelson’s personal account of living in the UK during prolonged isolation with Long Covid and her subsequent development of FND (Functional Neurological Disorder), the work examines the consequences of mass infection as Long Covid moves from a curiosity, dismissed by many, to a recognised global health problem.

More than just promoting awareness of chronic illness, this is a universal story of disruption, loss, love and hope, exploring the innately human experience of vulnerability and our need for change. 

It’s more surreal than Dali” – Janet Cross (Long Covid Support Group UK)

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