Sarah Nelson
Resident Artists/
20 March - 02 June 2023
Studio 2 & Performance Space

Sarah Nelson

Into the Fog

This residency supports the first stage development of Into the Fog – a  physically charged multidisciplinary performance integrating unconventional masks, illusion, puppetry, sound and interactive design.

Evolving the everyday into the hyperreal, the development explores the creation of a distinct movement and visual language to share a sublime and surrealist expression of an internal and private world.

Inspired by Nelson’s personal account of living in the UK during prolonged isolation with Long Covid across 2020-21, and her subsequent development of FND (Functional Neurological Disorder), the work examines the consequences of mass infection and isolation as Long Covid moves from a curiosity, dismissed by many, to a recognised public health problem. Millions have been left behind managing the often-debilitating chronic illness with studies reporting approximately 43% of cases will go on to develop Long Covid. Australia is not tracking Long Covid in real time.

More than just promoting awareness of chronic illness, this is a story of loss, lockdowns, love and hope exploring the innately human experience of vulnerability, and how any discomfort can be a force for deep positive change.

It’s more surreal than Dali” – Janet Cross (Long Covid Support Group UK)

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